We’re really proud of the feedback we get from the parents of our Kiddie Kickers.  If you’re thinking about joining us, have a look at this selection of recently received feedback to see what others think.

“Hi Dave! Just wanted to let you know that Jordan is part of the Coolum Mantarays U6 team, and loves it! You should see him – he is an amazing, natural defender, people stop and watch him. He defends brilliantly and is always concentrating on where the ball is, even when it’s up the other end of the field, and then moves accordingly. Very proud of him! Thanks so much for all the advice and coaching you gave him in his time at Kiddie Kicks – it sure has paid off!”
Chenoa Trama

Watching Lucas at Kiddie Kicks is not only a joy for his Mum and Dad, but for Lucas spending time with his friends learning ball skills with Dave is his passion. He continues his excitement all through the week as he wears his Kiddie Kicks t-shirt showing off his badges and talking about the next one he is working towards. He is in heaven!
Ellen Dehn

” Kiddie Kicks is perfect for my son!  It has allowed him to develop his confidence alongside his gross motor skills, and Dave is a positive role model all kids love. Kiddie Kicks is the highlight of my little one’s week! ”
Melanie Clare

The kids have such a great time with Dave at Kiddie Kicks. Not only are they learning ball skills but team work and how to follow instruction. Great stuff! Thanks Kiddie Kicks.
James Loughran

“Jackson loves Kiddie Kicks, so proud of his very own t-shirt with his name on it, can’t get out of the door quick enough Monday morning. They learn great ball skills, learn to work and play as a team and have so much fun!! Terii is a great coach!!!
Melissa Sanham

We absolutely love our soccer day! Six months ago, Josh was a shy and quiet little boy. I really wasn’t sure how he would go with soccer, but after just a couple of sessions he came out of his shell and would go off and play on his own. Now, he’s right in there and absolutely loves it. He talks about Dave all the time and asks every day if its soccer day!!
Claire Margin

“We have been overwhelmed with the success Kiddie Kicks has had with our son. We are absolutely wrapped with what our son has gained by joining in these fabulous sessions. Dave has a very kind and fun manner with the children and an understanding that all children are unique and are at different levels. He manages to provide a progamme for all children where they are able to benefit and gain confidence. WE LOVE IT !
Melina Milne