Welcome to Kiddie Kicks Soccer

Fun comes first at Kiddie Kicks.  Our comprehensive programme is designed to encourage your child’s confidence and sense of achievement in a supportive environment.

Our classes provide your child with a progressive range of skills which become the building blocks for future sporting activity and a sound introduction to soccer.. The fun, team environment develops an awareness of cooperative play and encourages a love of sport. We use balls of all different weights and sizes so that children can learn to negotiate reactive ball behaviour with both their hands and (of course!) their feet.

Our Programme

Kiddie Kicks’ age appropriate programme is designed with fun in mind.  Small class sizes allow children to receive quality attention and develop at their own pace.  Games and drills are tailored to suit each class.

At age 2 …
Our first Kiddie Kicks class provides opportunity for children to develop their love for movement and activity while introducing them to the skills of kicking, throwing and catching.  These are taught through a series of fun games using balls of different sizes.

At age 3 …
At this age we start to see a boost in confidence as ball skills are progressed.  Games and drills to promote hand, eye and foot coordination are introduced.  Children learn the fundamentals of teamwork while playing and interacting with friends their own age.

At age 4-5 years …
In this class more soccer-specific drills such as passing, dribbling and shooting are added to the children’s increasing repertoire of ball skills.  Coaches keep these energetic learners challenged with a more complex range of activities and games.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are the heart and soul of our classes.  They love what they do and really enjoy the fun of teaching children our programme.  All coaches with Kiddie Kicks have sporting backgrounds themselves and relish in the opportunity to share their passion for sport with children of a young age. They hold current first aid certificates and blue cards as required by Queensland State law.