Kiddie Kickers move on to great things!

One of the main goals of Kiddie Kicks is to foster a love of sport for children from an early age. Not only does this encourage coordination and a healthy lifestyle, these children can also use their experience to develop a skill set that can enable them to achieve in their chosen sport as they grow older. Kiddie Kicks was started back in 2010 on the Sunshine Coast, QLD and we are now seeing some of our first Kiddie Kickers make their mark on their sports. It is great for us to see children who were 3 or 4 when they joined us six years ago now begin their last year of non-competitive football in 2016. Next year some of these children will be eligible for U12 and representative football! Exciting times ahead and as always we wish all children who have attended our program all the best in their future sporting endeavours.



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